Lead Climbing Workshop (LCW)

Objective of workshop:

To learn the required knowledge to safely lead climb and belay in a climbing gym.
A level up from our Top Rope Workshop (TRW), Onsight's Lead Climbing Workshop (LCW) offers skills required for one to get started on lead climbing indoors.
Covered in the course are: lead climbing and belaying techniques, proper usage of belay devices and safety precautions in lead climbing and belaying.
The course provided will be based on Climbing Wall Association (CWA)'s guidelines and its updated common practices such as the usage of an Assisted Braking Device (ABD) and the safety and usage of the Auto-Belay.
CWA is a trade association dedicated to protecting, connecting and educating the indoor climbing industry by developing industry standards.

    1. At least 13 years of age;
    2. Ability to top rope belay and complete a 6A route on top rope confidently;


    • Obtained the top-rope verification (from Onsight, Climb Central or Ground Up).
    • Obtained the SNCS Level 1 certificate.
    • Attended a structured curriculum top-rope course or equivalent.
    • Experience climbing with other climbers and able to belay confidently.

Duration: 7 Hrs
Course Price: $130/ pax includes 1 practice session and 1 verification
(No certificate issued; Verification tag issued upon passing of verification)

Practice Sessions are also available, click to find out more.


  • Introduction to lead climbing, and risks
  • Proper usage of equipment

Flow Chart

You can refer to this flowchart for full course process.