Introduction To Climbing Workshop
for Schools & Corporations

‘Introduction To Climbing Workshop’ is an SEP Approved programme.

Be introduced to the world of rock climbing through an all-rounded approach to the sport. ‘Introduction To Climbing Workshop’ introduces rock climbing to beginners through top rope, auto-belay, bouldering, and slacklining. Each activity captures a unique aspect of modern rock climbing  and its culture.

An entry way into the sport, participants are guided through basic climbing techniques in this workshop. ‘Introduction To Climbing Workshop’ is a no-frill programme suitable for participants who are trying out the sport for the first or initial few times.

Designed to be an inclusive and enriching experience for groups, ‘Introduction To Climbing Workshop’ is a great way to develop leadership, facilitate team bonding, and build character.

Duration: 3 Hrs

Programme outline:

  • Top rope climbing experience
  • Auto-belay experience
  • Bouldering experience
  • Slacklining experience
  • Equipment handling (Harness)
  • Safety aspects of climbing

Onsight and its partners seek to constantly improve industry standards for the benefit for the climbing community. Over the years, the industry has grown rapidly and it is vital that we remain vigilant and responsive to meet the ever changing demands of the community. By doing so, we can always provide the highest and safest standards to the climbing community and at the same time, still maintaining a positive and enjoyable climbing experience for everyone.