Top Rope Workshop (TRW)
for Schools & Corporations

Objective of workshop:

To learn the required knowledge to safely climb and belay on top rope in a climbing gym.

‘Top Rope Workshop’ is based on Climbing Wall Association (CWA)'s guidelines and its updated common practices such as the usage of an Assisted Braking Device (ABD).

‘Top Rope Workshop’ adopts a practical approach to rock climbing. The workshop is designed to equip participants with the practical knowledge and skills of top rope climbing and belaying using the ABD. This process facilitates the transition for participants to begin independently top rope belaying and climbing safely in the gym. Additionally, participants will receive exposure to different disciplines of climbing - auto-belay and bouldering.

Upon completion of Top Rope Workshop, participants will still need to go through verification session before they can top rope climb and belay independently. Top Rope Workshop includes 1 complimentary practice and verification session. Verification tag issued upon passing.

Prerequisite: 13 years old
Duration: 4 Hours

Onsight and its partners seek to constantly improve industry standards for the benefit for the climbing community. Over the years, the industry has grown rapidly and it is vital that we remain vigilant and responsive to meet the ever changing demands of the community. By doing so, we can always provide the highest and safest standards to the climbing community and at the same time, still maintaining a positive and enjoyable climbing experience for everyone.

Practice Sessions are also available, click to find out more.

The Climbing Wall Association (CWA) workshops present an alternative and an updated framework with a prescribed set of standards that caters for the climbing industry at this point of time. Workshops are conducted by instructors certified according to the Climbing Wall Association standards and aims to educate climbers on the proper and safe techniques required for indoor artificial climbing, with the use of an ABD.

CWA is a trade association dedicated to protecting, connecting and educating the indoor climbing industry by developing industry standards.


  1. Proper usage of equipments
      1. Climbing Harness
      2. Figure 8 Knot
      3. Belay Device
    1. Pre-climb check
      1. ABC check
      2. Partner check
  1. Proper verbal command
  2. Proper climbing techniques
  3. Proper belaying techniques
    1. Stopping a climbing fall
  4. Auto Belay & bouldering
  5. Verification Matrix

Flow Chart

You can refer to this flowchart for full course process.
We still provide SNCS Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 for group bookings,
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