Programs & Services

Onsight offers a range of programs for climbing introduction, athlete training, professional verticality education and of course kids programs.

Experiential Climbing

Ever seen or heard from your friend about rock climbing? Keen to try, but never knew how to start? Fret not! Whether you have already tried climbing or are completely new to this sport, joining us on this Experience Climb will give you the challenge and fun you desire. Click for More

New Kids On The Bloc

Children are natural climbers and climbing improves your child’s psychomotor, cognitive and social skills. It also develops a confident and positive attitude towards facing and overcoming challenges. Let our experienced instructors help your child explore their potential! Click for More

Family Climb

A fun and exciting activity for the whole family, young and old! Our professional and friendly instructors will create the perfect outing for everyone, regardless of fitness level. Click for More

Onsight Climbing Academy

Onsight Climbing Academy is the next level to teaching kids how to climb with technique and proficiency. Get them while they're young and let us help mold them into the next generation of capable climbers and capable people. Click for More

Birthday Parties

Looking for an unconventional birthday party? Join us for 2 hours of vertical challenge and non-stop fun with our professional instructors! No parties are the same. Design your unique digital invitation, decorations and games! Let’s “ROCK” your special day! Click for More


Personal Coaching is more focused to those who want to improve their climbing skills. Our Experienced Instructors will pinpoint and advise you on your weak areas to improve. Click for More

Sport Climbing Level 1

Singapore National Climbing Standards Level 1. Our Level 1 stands out amongst other providers in that all our instructors are actively climbing. As such, we are able to teach you the best practices that are actually more practical in real life, beyond what is required in the syllabus. Click for More

Sport Climbing Level 2

Level 2 is a 2 day course where participants learn to “lead” climb. Lead climbing is as exciting as it is fun, and here at Onsight, we understand the importance of knowing how to fall, and knowing how to do a dynamic belay. And these 2 essential skills are best taught by instructors who actually climb.

Sport Climbing Level 3

Sport Climbing Level 3 introduces the techniques of climbing bolted multi-pitch routes safely.

Hire Belayer

Feel like climbing but your friends are not available? Get a belayer for a 2 full hours of good workout! Our experienced belayers are able to belay for both top rope climbing and lead climbing. Click for More

Abseiling Level 1

Singapore National Abseiling Standards Level 1. The course is designed for people who have no prior knowledge on abseiling. Participants will learn the basic skills to descend on ropes and have essential knowledge on the equipment required to abseil. Click for More

Abseiling Level 2

Singapore National Abseiling Standards Level 2.This course teaches a progression into acquiring advance personal proficiency skills to descend and ascend on ropes. Click for More

Lead Climb/Belay Practice

Need more Practice on leading with an ABD? Not sure where to practice with supervision? 
Check out Onsight's supervised Lead Practice Session with a certified Instructor!


ABD Verification

As gyms are implementing the usage of ABDs, climbers & belayers are required to get themselves verified to display their competency in the use of the device be it Top Rope or Lead Climbing.