Our Rates

We offer various concession rates as well as multi-passes and season pass packages.

Entry Price

Single Entry                           - S$20.00
  Child                                        - S$12.00*
Adult + Child Entry               - S$25.00
    Concession Rate                  - S$15.00**

Partner Organisations for Concession Rate:

* Age 12 and under and accompanied by adult
**Available for students (age 20 and under) before 6pm on weekdays and full day on weekends and public holidays

Gear Rental Prices

Climbing Shoes*                - S$6.00
Harness                                - S$3.00
Assisted Braking Device  - S$3.00
   Dynamic Rope (35m)        - S$10.00
               Chalk Bag                             - Free of charge

*Socks MUST be worn with rental shoes


5 x Multi-Pass - S$90.00 (S$18/entry)
10 x Multi-Pass - S$160.00 (S$16/entry)

Multi-Passes are non-transferrable and valid for <>1 year from date of purchase


Initiation Fee - S$100.00
Monthly Recurrent Fee - S$80.00
Freezing of Pass - S$10.00/month,
at least 3 working days before the end of the month
Click here to freeze your pass

Limited to 150 OSpass accounts
Terms & Conditions Apply


Initiation Fee - S$100.00
Monthly Recurrent Fee - S$100.00

Limited to 50 Passes
Purchasable only at BoulderWorld
Terms & Conditions Apply