I have the old lead tag; do I need to take the new verification test?

Yes, the new tag shows that you are proficient in belaying using ABD while the old lead tag shows that you are proficient in belaying using a tubular device (ATC).

I don’t have a belay tag, am I still allowed to climb/ belay?

You will only be able to climb Top Rope, Auto belay and Boulder(no belaying is allowed).

I am already Level 1 / 2 certified, why do I need to do the verification?

The level 1 / 2 certification passing standard is based on the tubular device (ATC) which was set by Singapore Mountaineering Federation (SMF). Our gym requires belayers to know how to use ABDs.

Displaying a verification tag is our in-house gym rule.

I took the Level 1 / 2 classes at Onsight and learned how to use the ABD, why do I need to do take the verification test?

As addressed on the previous point.This is a collective effort by Onsight, Ground Up and Climb Central to create a new standard across the gyms. Starting from January 2018, all participants of the Level 1 and 2 classes will receive vouchers they can use to take one verification test and one practice session for free.

Your staff already verified me the last time I was here. Why do I need to do the verification?

Unless you were issued a verification tag, any guidance from our staff does not count as passing the verification test.  Prior to January 2018, belayers are allowed to belay without the tags as the rule to display the tags was enforced from 1st January 2018.

Why were we not informed of this tags?

Information regarding the new verification standards as well as the mandatory use of ABDs had been displayed on our website, social media as well as in print all around the gym since July 2017. This was to ensure that all climbers have enough time to learn the new standards and take the verification tests.

Is my friend required to pay for the verification again if he/she has been verified and is helping me with the verification?

No, Payment is only required if you have not been verified; or is given a voucher.

How much will I have to pay for the verification?

Verification fee is charged at $10 and does not include Entry/ Gear Rental. Entry fee will only be charged if you plan to climb prior to or after the verification.

Why do I need to pay for the verification when I already did for the old one?

The fee is meant to cover the loss of manhours of our staff who are doing the verification.

We hope you understand that the verification system is to create a safer climbing environment.

I am in Singapore for a short stay can I climb/belay without the tag?

You will still need to display a verification tag. Do let us know in advance and we will do our best to arrange a verification for you.

I do not have a partner can I still do the verification?

Unfortunately, our verification requires you to have a partner. You can look for someone who is already verified. No payment for assisting you with verification will be needed.

I cannot make it for the verification slots. Are there any other days?

Let us know and we do our best to arrange a session for you. Alternatively, you can check with Ground Up and Climb Central for a different time slot.

Even if I have the old lead tag, can I still top rope belay?

You need the new verification tag, as the old lead tag is based on ATC and is no longer recognized.

I am verified by another gym, do I still need to take the verification?

There is no need to take another verification as long as it is the new verification based on the ABD that is issued by Climb Central, Ground Up or Onsight.

Is this recognized in other gyms?

Only Climb Central, Ground Up & Onsight.