Updates on Verification requirements at Onsight Climbing Gym (2 March 2017)

Dear Climbers,

Thank you for your patience; below please see our updates with regards to the new verification standards.


1st June 2017 – Use of ABD is mandatory when climbing Top Rope

1st September 2017 – Use of ABD is mandatory when Lead Climbing

1st January 2018 – Climbers are required to be verified by the new verification standards.

ABD Hands-On Sharing

For March, every Monday & Wednesday 7-9pm our instructor will be on hand to provide, guide, assist and teach the use of Mammut Smart.  For all other devices, climbers are recommended to read and understand the manufacturers’ instruction and be able to use it safely and proficiently.

Old Lead Verification

Onsight will not be conducting any Lead Tag verification for now.

Climbers with existing Lead Tags can continue to do so until at least 1 Jan 2018.

Climbers taking SNCS Level 2 at Onsight will be issued the old lead tag & Level 2 certificate after passing the assessment.

New Lead Verification

Climbers who wished to take the new verification can do so at Climb Asia or Climb Central.

Climbers with the new lead tag (from Climb Asia and Climb Central) can lead climb/belay at Onsight.

Climbers who took SNCS Level 2 elsewhere will need to get verified at Climb Asia or Climb Central.

Existing Lead Tag allows you to lead climb/belay at Onsight Climbing Gym only


New Lead Tag allows you to lead climb/belay at

  • Onsight Climbing Gym
  • Climb Asia
  • Climb Central


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