Lost & Found

Left your stuff in the gym? Don’t worry, Here at Onsight we try our best to keep and document missing items. Please check the link below and see if your gear is in there!


we have decided to keep any particular item for a maximum of 14 days . For the current batch of items, we will start the countdown from today (Starting May29 to June 14). So please come and claim your lost items or let your friends know.

For any item left unclaimed after 14 days, we will understand that the owner is willing to relinquish his/her ownership on that item. We will then hold an auction to find a new owner who will put the equipment to good use, or to throw away items that cannot be sold. More information to be released soon.

Proceeds of the auction will go to upkeep cost of Furball and Teddy, our 2 residential kittens. Balance will be donated to Cat Welfare Society or any other purpose, at our own discretion. Thanks all!

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